Are Traeger Grills Considered Open Flame? – Learn If Traeger Grill is Safe for Apartments

traeger grills are open flame
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Today, I am going to discuss about one of the most questions asked by Traeger users all over the globe.

And that question is if Traeger grills are considered open flame or not.

If you ask me then my answer would be “Yes”.

Yes, most Traeger grills are open flame by design.

Charcoal based grills are usually not considered as open flame grills.

Most gas grills and wood pellet grills as well as smokers are open flame by design.

These grills consume wood pellets through a flame which generates heat.

That is why Traeger grills are also allowed to use in balconies and apartments.

A Traeger wood pellet grill gives superior taste and is very easy to use.

The flame and the grill chamber are separated by a metal tray.

In most cases, Traeger grills are allowed on an apartment property.

Since there is no open flame while you cook, these grills make them a safe alternative to traditional charcoal based grills.

These grills are safe to use under porches since they don’t have a flame.

However, a well-ventilated area is recommended for proper operation of these grills.

Even though Traeger grills are safe to use on an apartment, some people still might not allow them.

Therefore, it is important to take prior permission to use wood pellet grills from the owners and neighbors.

It is safe to use them at home, as the users won’t experience any flare-ups unlike any other standard charcoal grills.

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What is Considered an Open Flame Grill?

If the flame is bouncing around or even under a lid, it is considered as “open”.

So, what exactly is an open-flame grill?

The grill which you can light with a match or a lighter is considered to be an open flame grill.

A gas grill, wood or pellet grills and smokers are considered as open-flame by design.

Whereas Charcoal grills are usually not considered open-flame because the food is being cooked over heated coal and not on fire.

The grill should at least be placed 10 feet away from siding or railing of a house.

A grill should never be used in a house or garage due to the risk of carbon monoxide poisoning or causing a fire.

In US, many states have already adopted the International Fire Code (IFC).

Generally, grills are not permitted for use on balconies, but some states have exceptions, where you can use them under certain restrictions.

Do Pellet Grills like Traeger Have an Open Flame?

People often associate pellet grills with a kitchen oven.

Because it is easy and efficient to use as a oven where you essentially put the meat and walk away until its done.

Traeger Pellet grills use small pellets made from wood pulp and sawdust.

These are compressed into small tablets which are used inside the pellet grills.

These pellets are poured at a certain speed into the burn pot which is set to a specified temperature.

This offers consistent flow of heat inside the grill.

It also means that you can cook larger amount of meat and it requires less human intervention.

It also indicates that flames are involved as the little wood pellets are being burned by fire, but steadily and at a slower rate. 

These pellet grills require less hands-on attention.

They are also generally safe to use as they don’t deal with flames to produce heat in direct contact with the food.

This is why, many grillers who are looking for more energy-efficient way to grill meat are turning towards using pellet grills provided by reputable brands such as Traeger, Pit Boos, Camp Chef, etc.

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Is Traeger Grill Considered as an Electric Grill?

Well the answer is Yes and No both.

Traeger pellet grills need wood pellets and electricity to help the pellets burn.

These grills use electricity, but just to operate the system.

The real cooking is carried on with the help of hardwood pellets.

The digital control system is operated with electricity, which means the pellet grills cannot work without electricity.

But they can run on a generator too.

This is just for emergency, but some portable generators can generate enough electricity to run a Traeger grill.

Traeger grills are used on 110-volt AC power.

They can also be powered with a 400-watt inverter and a suitable battery.

You can use the Traeger Dual Outlet mobile power inverter to power the grill too.

This is a very portable inverter which can be carried anywhere you go.

It is the most convenient option while you are outside away from your home and do not have any electricity outlets near you.

You can use it to power up any type of Traeger grill which comes with a Digital Thermostat Control.

Click Here to Get Traeger Grills BAC287 Power Inverter.

The digital temperature control system integrated with thermometers is an excellent feature of these types of pellet grills.

Because this system is able to distribute the temperature evenly.

When cooked on Traeger grill, the food tastes great and even more tasty when it is grilled with smoky flavour from wood pellets.

These Traeger grills are easy to use and operate, and make your life much easier with faster and precise BBQ cooking experience.

Are Traeger Grills HOA approved?

A homeowner’s association (HOA) is an organization or condominium building that makes rules for the properties and the residents in USA.

When you purchase property within an HOA’s jurisdiction, you automatically become member of the association.

This means you are required to pay dues, known as HOA fees.

So, are Traeger grills HOA approved?

Not exactly. mentioned “We can’t state our grills are “approved” but more-so, they are “HOA-friendly” as you should always reach out to your individual HOA with questions.”

There’s not much information about Traeger grills being HOA approved,

But a model from Traeger grills, “Bronson 20” claims to be HOA friendly.

More information about Bronson 20 can be found on official Traeger website.

It is clearly mentioned that each grill has an individual HOA which can be found on the company website.

Are Traeger Grills Safe for Apartments?

Yes, they are safe to use in apartments.

In most cases, Traeger grills are allowed on an apartment.

Since there is not any kind of open flame while cooking.

This makes them a safe alternative to a traditional charcoal grill.

Even if Traeger grills are safe to use on an apartment, some people still might not allow them.

Its technically illegal to use an open flame grill on a porch or wooden deck with 10 feet of a building.

Since, Traeger grills don’t use any open flame, we can set it up on the apartment balcony and grill.

These grills use electricity to heat the wood pellets, which then flavour your food while it cooks.

Due to how they work, we can even use the pellet grill under a covered porch or deck.

This gives you more options for you to cook no matter where you live.

Anyhow, it’s still not a good idea to use the grill anywhere that has poor airflow.

Can You Use Traeger Grills on Balcony and in Indoors?

As long as there is sufficient air flow to blow the smoke out of the covered enclosure, Pellet grills can be used under covered porches.

The porch is also recommended to have gaps or windows that allow the smoke to escape quickly.

It is not advisable to use pellet grills, smokers or any grills in enclosed space or areas with poor air flow such as a garage.

However, every apartment will have different terms and conditions according to their requirements.

So, it is good idea to read the terms and conditions to see if grills or any other outdoor cooking devices are prohibited from being used.

Just look for the document closely to know whether you can use it in apartments.

To be sure that pellet grills are allowed in your apartment before spending money on a pellet grill, it is recommended to double check with the apartment manager.

It is better to double check before proceeding than ending up getting a fine.

Most apartments do allow the use of wood pellet.

However, I highly recommend to check out the Fire Hazard provision of an apartment lease agreement.

From that document, you will come to know whether grills and barbeques are restricted from being used in the apartment balcony or patio.


The Traeger is a wood pellet grill which is considered to be open flame by design.

In it, pellets are drawn from a side-mounted hopper into a central burn chamber.

After that, those pellets are ignited by a hot metal rod.

This whole mechanism runs on an electricity, so you’ve got to plug it in.

It also offers precise, digital temperature control integrated with meat probe thermometers.

To operate the grill, all you have to do is fill the hopper with pellets, turn it on and dial in the temperature and wait for it to do its job.

Traeger grills are really safe to use at home as mentioned above, as the users won’t experience any flare-ups unlike standard charcoal grills.

But there are rules and regulation to be followed.

Pellets are versatile cooking devices that can smoke, grill and bake food.

However, if you live in an apartment then make sure to check the apartment’s lease and double check with the apartment manager or leasing officer to make sure the pellet grills are allowed.

These grills can cost so much, so, it is better to know if you’re allowed to keep them and use them before proceeding to buy one.


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