How to Clean Traeger Grease Trap – 5 Important Steps to Maintain Cleanliness of Grease Trap

clean traeger grease trap
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Who does not like BBQ and grilled meat?

The smoky grilled meat tantalizes our tastebuds and keeps us wanting more.

We do not like to waste any time filling our plates with delicious grilled food.

However, if you want to eat clean grilled meat, then you need to maintain right cleanliness of your bbq grill too.

Today, in this article, I am specifically going to talk about cleaning Traeger grill grease trap.

Did you know most of the grease fires are caused by uncleaned grease traps?

If your grease traps are not cleaned often, you won’t be able to cook properly. 

You need to know how to clean Traeger grease trap with the right cleaning tools.

The best method to do it is by removing all the grill grates first and then cleaning the interior.

Finally, take out the grease trap and pour off all the grease.

Now, wash it with soap and water.

You will find many people suggesting to clean the grease trap right after your cooking is done.

In reality, I won’t recommend doing that.

Because it’s not a nice idea to touch it when the grease trap is still hot.

I highly recommend you to read this article till the end to appropriately understand the whole cleaning process of the Traeger grease trap.

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What is the Grease Trap on the Traeger Grill?

We cannot grill food without oil, can we?

Our grills contain a lot of fat, grease, and unwanted oil.

Our Traeger grills are designed in a way so that it traps all the unwanted grease.

All these waste greases can block drainages and produce bad odors later on.

It can also harvest pest infestations.

To solve all these problems Traeger grills have a grease trap that prevents these complications.

Where You can Find the Grease Trap on the Traeger Grill?

The grease trap is located inside the Traeger underneath the grills.

Traeger grills have a grease management system in their grill.

The grease management system contains a grease channel, a grease chute, an internal trap, and lastly a greased pan that contains a liner.

The grease drippings fall into the drip tray that will flow down the channel and come out of the chute.

This grease is later collected in the trap.

So now you know where to find the grease trap in your Traeger grill!

Why Does My Traeger Grill Keep Telling Me to Clean the Grease Trap?

Traeger grills are made using the finest technology that sends warning signs.

Such signs indicate when to clean their grills or empty their grease traps.

Sometimes even after you have cleaned and emptied your grease trap the Traeger still shows you warning signs.

This is because a program has been set to send reminder messages to a grill user for better Traeger maintenance.

You can always turn the reminder off from the settings option if you want.

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When do You Need to Clean the Grease Trap on Traeger Grill?

You should clean your grease trap every week if you use your Traeger grill 4-5 days every week.

However, if you use it on a daily basis, then you should clean it after every 2-3 days.

It also depends on how many times you use it every day.

The more you cook, the more grease builds up.

Moreover, if you also see that your Traeger is leaking grease, this means you need to clean it as soon as possible.

On the other hand, if your pellet grill has not been cleaned properly for few days, then it will accumulate more grease and oil.

This later on causes more buildup of the grease and it will fill your trap completely.

Sometimes you might also see your smoke stash is leaking.

If your grease trap overflows your smoke stash, then naturally smoke stash will leak.

This is also a prominent sign that you need to clean the grease trap immediately.

Make sure to notice these little signs and take proper action in time.

If you ignore these signs, then you might have to face much bigger troubles later on.

What is the Best Traeger Grease Trap Cleaner?

There are many products to clean your Traeger grease trap properly.

You can use grease treatments, trap cleaners, and microfiber cloths that work best to clean the dirty grease.

All these products are available online which you can buy anytime you need.

You will find Black Diamond grease trap treatment product online.

It has special enzyme technology that cleans off all stubborn grease and oil marks faster.

It also works as a drain opener and prevents grease odor to a great extent.

It is by far the best trap treatment for grease removal available in the market.

Click Here to Get Black Diamond Grease Trap Treatment Product for Cleaning Traeger Grease Trap.

A Simple 5 Steps Process to Clean The Traeger Grease Trap

If you have never cleaned your Traeger grease trap before, this section will help you understand the complete cleaning process.

You need to know the following steps before you try your hands on cleaning the grease trap of your grill.

1. First of all, you need to clean your grease drip bucket.

As you cook various types of foods in your grill, grease starts accumulating in your drip tube and your bucket gradually.

You cannot let your drip tube get clogged with oil, fat, and grease as it may overheat your food or cause a fire.

2. Before you start cleaning, turn off your Traeger and let it cool for 24 hours.

Use a reliable non-abrasive cleaning pad to completely scrape the grease off the grill.

You will find many options online such as wooden stirring sticks and others.

Next, remove the grease with a paper towel or a microfiber cloth.

3. Before heading for the grease trap, you need to clean the grills first.

Washing the grill is a very important step.

Some people suggest to clean them right after you cook while it is hot.

Honestly, I do not recommend this.

But in some cases, it is the best way to clean the grease.

Dirt, tar, ash, and other compounds are present in your hot Traeger grill.

Those substances produce smoke and those things are harmful for your health.

Unless you clean them while the grills are still hot, they will stubbornly stick to your grills when cooled.

Try using normal brushes and avoid metallic ones.

You can use a reliable wet-dry vacuum cleaner to remove any accumulated oil dirt too.

4. The next step is to remove your chimney cap.

Clean your chimney cap with lukewarm soap water or add a good detergent of your choice.

It is best to use a degreaser with lukewarm water.

I highly recommend to use Grease Police Magic Degreaser which works amazingly in this case.

It works like charm in removing grease and oil every time.

Wipe off any excess residue remaining on your chimney cap.

After you are done let it air dry.

5. Once you are done cleaning with the grills and chimney cap, remove them and put them aside.

Now, take your Traeger grease trap and pour all the grease and oil in your trash or a disposable container.

The best thing about these traps is that you do not have to clean them thoroughly every time.

You can use regular soap water or detergent to clean them.

If your traps are sticky and have stubborn grease sticking to them, you can use any non-abrasive tool to take off the grease.

Again, you can drip them in degreasers and clean them thoroughly.

Let the traps dry off completely before you put them back in your Traeger again.

After putting it back, fix your grill and chimney cap, and cover up your Traeger grill.

Maintaining a Traeger grill is easy, but you need to keep your cleaning game up consistently.

Even if you do not get time to clean, I still recommend that you try to clean the grease traps every 2-3 months at least.

What To Do When Traeger Grease Trap is not Cleaned Properly?

Sometimes we fail to clean our Traeger grease traps properly.

Sometimes we fail to realize it before oil and grease start leaking outside.

In some cases, we fail to remove the grease after lot of cleaning efforts.

In such cases, we should hire professional grease cleaners to get the best results.

Also, if the grease blockage is severe, do not try to clean it yourself.

You will not only damage the grease channel but also hamper the Traeger grills.

If you fail to clean the trap manually, use enzymes or solvents available online.

Trap cleaners, enzyme solutions, magic waste grease digesters are available online ranging from anywhere between 13 bucks to 35 bucks.

Final thoughts

Finally, I hope that this article has helped you to completely how to clean Traeger grease traps properly.

Cleaning Traeger grease traps are important not only for the sake of the grill but also for our health.

Uncleaned oil and grease get stuck in our cooked food too.

If we consume such food on a regular basis, then later on it can cause arterial blockage and other cardiovascular complications.

So, try to clean Traeger grease traps depending on the number of times you use it every month.


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