Traeger Grill Auger Making Noise – 4 Crucial Reasons and 4 Easy Solutions

traeger grill auger making noise
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If you want to buy a grill that’s reliable, value for money, and most importantly offers top notch performance, a model from the Traeger Grills is your best bet.

But Traeger grill just like everything else aren’t perfect, and often the problem stems from their augers.

Traeger’s motor-driven augers are engineered to deliver a certain number of pellets from the storage hopper to the fire pot.

A Traeger grill auger making noise could be caused by one or more reasons.

Most times the Traeger grill auger noise is normal during operation, and caused by something loose near the auger motor.

To fix this issue, you should first clean the dust near the auger.

You can remove the auger motor and check for any damage to it.

And while doing it, you can also check if the auger fan is in good working order.

Today, we are also going to discuss the main reasons that cause malfunction in the Traeger auger and then we will see how to fix those issues with ease at home.

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Main Reasons Why Traeger Auger Making Popping and Clicking Noise

There are several different reasons why your Traeger grill auger is making popping or clicking noises.

The good news is that in most cases it’s an easy fix at your disposal.

However, in worse cases, you will have to get in touch with the manufacturer.

1. Clicking Every Now and Then

If you hear a clicking noise periodically, then great chances are that your pellets are getting stuck in the auger.

These noises are generally fine, because not all pellets are of the same size.

2. Slow Clicking

In some cases, you hear a slow clicking sound while your Traeger is working.

If you hear such a sound from your grill, then it’s most commonly an issue with the auger motor or the auger itself.

3. Rapid Clicking

All Traeger AC grills are equipped with an auger fan.

This implies the auger of the grill is running when it is properly working.

If the fan is jammed or hitting something nearby, then that’s probably the cause behind the clicking noise.

4. Issue with Power Delivery Circuit

If you have already checked the auger, auger motor and fan then I also recommend to check the electric power delivery circuit of your home.

Traeger grills are designed to run on 110/120-volt circuits.

So, if the power is dropping to 85 to 90 volts at times, then it may slow the auger down.

This obviously results in the noise of the grill.

Primary Solutions to Fix Clicking and Popping Noise of Traeger Grill Auger

1. Clicking Noise Periodically

Since these noises are caused when your Traeger grill is trying to break up the pellets to make them the same size as the feeder, you don’t really have to worry.

But you’re hearing these noises regularly, then first inspect your bag of pellets to see if there are any larger ones than the others.

Even though there are many leading pellet manufacturers to choose from, you should always use reliable Traeger pellets from the manufacturer.

The Traeger PEL331 bag of pellets is available in a wide range of flavors including hickory, cherry and apple, and is billed as the best wood pellets in the market.

Made in the USA, the Traeger PEL331 bag of pellets are all-natural, and burn clean, with no biners and low ash.

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2. Check and Fix Auger Motor

Before you check or replace the auger, you need to unplug the grill from the power supply.

Next, remove the screws that are mounting the control panel on the hopper with a Phillips screwdriver.

Make the hopper empty, and not filled with pellets.

Remove any left-over pellets from the auger.

After, you have to remove the four screws that mount the hopper to the side of the grill.

Now take the hopper off the side from the grill by lifting it from the bottom, and set it aside.

You will not be able to see the auger motor – the one with the red wires.

On the back side of the auger motor, remove the Allen screw, and the 5/16” nut that attaches the auger to the auger motor.

Use a 7/16” wrench to remove the bolts that hold the auger motor and motor bracket to the burner.

Remove the auger from the auger shaft, and push all of the pellets out of the auger tube.

You can use a reliable vacuum cleaner to remove all the pellets from the grill.

I will recommend to use Vacmaster Wet Dry Vacuum Cleaner in this case to get rid of all the left-over wood pellets safely from your Traeger grill.

Now put the auger back in, and manually rotate it to ensure that the shaft is no longer jammed.

Inspect the auger for any damage such as cracks or visibly broken spots.

If it’s damaged you will have to replace it with a new one.

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If the auger motor is damaged or isn’t working, you can buy a new one that’s compatible with your grill model.

You will get everything in such types of kits such as Auger motor, grill induction fan kit, hot rod ignitor, fire burn pot and relevant replacement parts.

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Lastly, put all the parts back just as you removed them, and secure the screws tight.

If you want to study this process in more detail, then check out the following Youtube video.

3. Check and Fix Auger Fan

The fan of your Traeger grill is attached to your grill’s auger.

Therefore, first remove the auger by following the steps as mentioned in the above solution no. 2.

Next, use a flashlight to check if the auger fan is hitting anything such as a zip tie.

Such type of zip tie usually holds the wires together.

It is also best to check a sidewall if your grill has been dented.

Clean the fan using a soft brush, and check it for any damages.

If you notice any dings or dents on the fan blades, you should ideally replace it with a new one that suits your model.

This model of combustion induction fan motor perfectly fits to all types of Traeger grills.

It comes with only 4 screws and a single connector which makes your life easy to fix the auger fan issue.

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4. Fix Fluctuation Electricity

If you don’t know your way around checking if your electricity is fluctuating or not, then it’s highly recommended that you call a professional help.

An electrician will also have the right tools to fix the issue on the spot, which will save you both time and money.


If you’re hearing noises from your Traeger grill auger, then the hopper is probably trying to chop up the bigger pellets.

This obviously results in a clicking and popping noise of your grill.

For noises that are heard often, and every time you start the grill, you may have an issue with the auger motor, auger, or an auger fan.

You can follow the all the above mentioned solutions to fix the clicking and popping noise of your Traeger grill auger, fan and motor.

However, I highly recommend to get in touch with the manufacturer before you do so, especially if you’re not handy with using tools.


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